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Who We Are

We are senior developers who have been developing interactive properties for top brands for the last ten years. We are not an advertising or interactive agency. Rather, we enable our clients by providing them top development services for a great price on an as-needed basis. We provide you with end-to-end service that delivers you the final product without the hassle and expense of managing anybody. We’re a stalwart resource for you that you can continue to lean on.

We enable our clients by providing them top development services for a great price on an as-needed basis.

We manage ourselves and work directly with you to deliver on your needs. You look great, and we do what we do best. We know it works well because we’ve been delivering this service for years working as freelancers and staff at top agencies. Now we’ve consolidated our offering to give you a simple reliable solution.

End-Clients Include
Cisco Systems
Fox Television
Warner Bros.
Champs Sports
Electronic Arts
Time Warner Cable
Bandai Toys
Sony Pictures
SciFi Network
USA Network

Listen To Me Marlon

Showtime needed a site to accompany promotion for this fascinating documentary about Marlon Brando's journey to Tahiti.

We built the site on a flexible Drupal framework that allowed show times and theaters to be updated easily by Showtime's internal team.

Rush of a Lifetime

This parallax timeline site allows the viewer insight into the sports greats throughout history who are in league with the racing heroes featured in Universal Pictures' acclaimed film Rush.

The site was developed with Adobe Edge Animate and our work was featured in Adobe's Online Magazine.

We've since built parallax sites without this tool, but it was very helpful and fun to use for this project.

Explore Penny Dreadful - iOS Site

We worked with Showtime to develop this iOS-only panoramic parallax experiential site to support their hit new horror drama Penny Dreadful.

The site was developed entirely with an html/css/javascript toolset and features layouts tailored to phones and tablets.

We Deliver on-time and on-budget.

aesthetic front-end

The Hangover III App

We were asked by our agency client to develop this mobile app natively for iOS and Android in support of the hilarious Warner Bros. movie, The Hangover III.

The app enjoyed some viral success, particularly in Europe and Asia.

It became Warner Bros.' top-rated app on iTunes and Google Play.

html, css, javascript

Riddick - Rule the Dark

Our agency client asked us to execute their creative for this dynamic viral social media piece in support of Universal's Riddick Rule the Dark.

We built the site in both html/css/javascript and Adobe Flash to maximize browser compatibility across desktop and mobile, serving the proper version to suit the viewer's device.

wordpress, shopify

What We Do

You can engage us at any point in your design/concepting process. We enjoy working with designers to craft interactive solutions that they might not have thought of without the input of developers, but we are equally comfortable simply executing on finished designs. More complex applications may benefit from an Information Architecture document or an Agile development process. You can provide this to us or we can fill in IA and guide you through the optimal process as needed for you.

We free you up to focus on the important stuff: the creative and your needs.

You can avoid the frustration and leave the hassle of building your creations to us.

iOS, Android

Cafe Gratitude

This beautifully crafted WordPress website expressed the integrity and hand-crafted nature of the cafe.

Cafe Gratitude staff have full control to update their menu and site content using our custom WordPress tools.


social integrations

back-end configuration

Showtime Social Media Moderator Tool

Showtime needed a tool that would allow them to moderate social media for broadcast in real-time to their boxing matches and other shows. They scoured the market for a suitable tool, but didn't find a pre-built solution that fit their needs.

They commissioned us to build this custom web-application that lets a team of any size seamlessly moderate Twitter and Facebook content for direct distribution to their broadcast system.