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Mass Effect

One of the most complicated banners ever deployed on MSN, the Mass Effect banner takeover won a DMACS award for our client. It involved interactive 3D with seamless video transitions to create an online experience of playing the console game.
[For Sabertooth Interactive. Role: Flash Development]

TRON - Disney

The Code Builders built about 1/3 of the TRON movie website. We developed the Program Creator, virtual store, and many of the display carousels. We worked in a tightly integrated way with full time developers and other freelancers to deliver a very complex project under strict deadlines. We worked with Disney’s complex backend systems, php, and the webcam capabilities of Flash to deliver this mixed-media web application style project.

Mattel Annual Report

The Code Builders were contracted by our client to handle development. For Mattel’s 2009 Annual Report to shareholders, we created a 3D interactive presentation that can be viewed linearly like a video, stepped through chapter-by-chapter like a DVD or explored non-linearly by manipulating a 3D carousel of presentation slides.

We Are Top Coders

1The Code Builders are senior developers who have been seasoned by Los Angeles’ intense ad-industry requirements and deadlines. No software project is too complex nor too mission-critical for our hands-on capabilities.

We Make Your Designs Reality

2We’re used to working with the top interactive designers in the world. We duplicate and extend your design look and intent with razor precision. Since we are artists ourselves, we “get” what you are going for and will make your interactive software have the vitality you envision but can only be intuited by fellow artists.

We Deliver On-Time, On-Budget

3We don’t mess around, over-promise, or mislead you about our capabilities. We have the experience it takes to estimate projects accurately and deliver on our promises.

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